8 people from Austin are on the Forbes 400 list

That’s why some have partnered with Crossover Health, which has health centers and clinics that provide primary care to employees and their families.

The San Clemente, Calif.-based company is opening a new health center on Brazos St. in May 2023. Crossover plans to hire about 15 people for the site to serve 5,000 to 7,000 people at maximum capacity.

They declined to say which companies will use it, but their current partnerships include Amazon, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Meta, which will move into the Sixth and Guadalupe tower next year.

Founder and Director of Business Development, Nate Murray, finds that some employers are frustrated with health care options and are buying into the open market. With Crossover, downtown employees will have quick access to primary care, mental health, physiotherapy, health coaching and care navigation services.

“You’re seeing more and more of them – we call them activist employers – stepping in and saying, ‘You know what, I’m done waiting for insurance companies to change, I’m going to start eliminating some of these aspects. really important,'” Murray said.

Murray and Katie Higgins, Chief Revenue Officer at Crossover, discussed how Crossover is moving away from the fee-for-service model to avoid transactional visits. Instead, Crossover aims to prioritize preventive care, with Higgins noting that primary care visits have declined in recent years.

“You look at the increase in chronic disease and other health issues, and it all comes down to not having that fundamental primary health relationship with their doctor,” Higgins said. “That’s the message we’re most passionate about, that we’re working with our suppliers to make sure they inspire their members to care more. And that I think is the first step to fixing this industry.

During a visit to the site of the future health center, the Crossover team launched the remodeling of the space. They’ve marked the walls with aspects of healthcare they don’t like and want to avoid at their new center, including issues like endless paperwork, long waits and complexity.

With eight health centers across Texas, California and New York and 33 clinics in 11 states, Crossover says they were drawn to Austin because of its employers, which makes it an exciting place.

“As we seek employers who are willing to think outside the box and think differently about problems, this density of innovation is an exciting place for us to invest,” said Higgins.

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