9 French airbnb (with history) to visit in 2022

If, like many of us, you already feel like you need something to look forward to in 2022, look no further. What could be better than getting a boost and donning an N95 and boarding a plane for a trip to France, where instead of crowded hotels, you can hire your own little piece of heaven? Perhaps, while you are at it, you will anchor yourself in the knowledge of several hundred years of history, both good and bad, that other creatures have not only experienced but also made beautiful.

Indeed, an intimate knowledge of history is inevitable in a country rich in castles to choose from and where each building is at least a century old. France is marked by its history, from the time of kings and queens, to its three revolutions, its makers of political trends, its artists … In fact, it is also a country that knows how to preserve its history, with laws in place to keep its historic beauty intact for centuries to come. A true defender of this tradition is none other than French Airbnb, offering unique stays in properties with a history.

Take your pick from Julia Child’s house, Monet’s blue house, and even a medieval castle. We have compiled a France Approved List of Historic Airbnbs to Stay in and Indulge in French History.


What an incredibly delicious treat to stay in Julia Child’s South of France house, where she lived and cooked. The inspirational space found on French Airbnb is a 3-bedroom cottage located on a well-maintained property on the French Riviera. ‘La Pitchoune’, as the house is called, was built by Julia and her husband Paul Child in the 1960s and has hosted many cooking enthusiasts over the years, including famous chefs. Today it also serves as a home for Alright, perfectcooking school. The property is available for part-time rental with ongoing cooking classes costing $ 1,500 per person. As an advantage, the location has a large vegetable garden (vegetable garden) as well as a henhouse for fresh eggs. Guests are invited to cook in the two kitchen areas (indoor and outdoor) where the chef and author herself has spent a lot of time. We’re thinking of having dinner!

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There is something about staying where a great artist once slept that suggests that maybe for a second we can approach their greatness and understand them on a personal level. This historic 12th century apartment in the heart of a fortified medieval village was owned and inhabited in the 1940s by the legendary French poet, writer and screenwriter, Jacques Prévert. The stone property is a beautifully designed minimalist space with a medieval touch. It has two beautifully appointed en-suite bedrooms with antique wooden beams, a huge open fireplace and a large vaulted-ceiling bathroom accessed through a mysterious tunnel. Finally, the real selling point of this house in the village of Saint Paul de Vence is its breathtaking view which directly overlooks the hills of Provence.

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Chateau St Victor la Coste offers a rare opportunity to stay in a private historic property without the corporate flair. And while this glorious property has always been quite charming, it recently hit its peak when it became Airbnb’s most ‘loved’ space with 76,000 likes. A truly perfect destination with a side of regal splendor, if you ask us! Retreat to this vanished 16th-century castle and disconnect (as we hear wifi is shaky in those thick stone walls) while reconnecting with the essence of royal southern France. And while you’re there, discover its little secrets: like the side garden gate that leads to the small village and the church. Provence at its best!

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There is no doubt that Bordeaux is one of the most beautiful European cities marked by incredible architecture. One such property is this 1750s apartment with vaulted stone ceiling and original wooden floors. It adjoins the oldest house in the city, which dates from the 14th century (located at 4 impasse rue Neuve) and the house of the late Jeanne Lartigue, wife of the famous French political philosopher Montessquieu, whose theory on the separation of powers has been adopted by many nations ”. And just like that, you can live in history and step outside your doors to discover more.

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Not to be confused with the Monet museum in Giverny, where Monet lived, this house is just a minute’s walk from the museum and is surrounded by 1500 meters of garden space (in true Monet style.) Bleue ‘) a was bought by Monet at the end of the 19th century because the garden was ideal for growing the vegetables he loved to cook, ”explains the advertiser. His friend, American painter Guy Rose, ended up painting the house, above. Monet’s Maison Bleue is characterized by blue doors, windows and shutters on a white facade. Its interiors are warm and authentic, offering a real family atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist city.

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It is the hallmark of famous creators, they like to enter nooks and crannies like these caves of Flinstone in the Loire Valley. Located just 3 km from Amboise, where da Vinci once lived, these troglodyte village houses are called “troglodyte” properties located below the Dordogne basin. Carved in the region tuffeau rock, a green-white limestone, these were also used as secret hiding places and routes for the royalty of the region. Just a few kilometers away, the Loire Valley is home to some of the most incredible French chateaux, and yet just around the corner of the region are its equally stunning caves.

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The Manoir de la Groye offers a glimpse of the typical architectural style of the French Renaissance with a touch of Tuscan touch. Located in the Anjou region, amidst breathtaking southern gardens, the property is centrally located for exploring the region. Organic produce from the garden includes breakfasts and dinners here and by renting this French Airbnb one can easily visit chateaux, vineyards, museums and more in just one bike ride. How about that for a unique neighborhood?

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In Paris, pay attention to History of Paris plaques across the city as you can discover the most incredible spaces often shelved by historical tours and books. The Jean-Bart Hotel is one of those places in the Marais now available on French Airbnb. The courtyard last belonged to an old Parisian family named Fraguier, and now houses a three-bedroom rental. Adorned with boxed Magnolias at the entrance, the real gem of this space is its grandiose interior and secret garden. Immerse yourself in real Parisian life in this old-fashioned “hotel”.

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Stay in a slice of French history at Château Pape Clément, a famous winemaker who has been producing wines and Grands Crus since 1252. Known to be one of the oldest Grands Crus in Bordeaux, the estate’s vineyards were first established by Bertrand de Goth, who in 1305 became Pope Clement V, a name which was subsequently given to the Château. Wine lovers consider this property to be a real part of the heritage and history of France. The royal suite with a black Baccarat chandelier that we found on Airbnb is just an introduction to this neo-Gothic style castle which is surrounded by nearly sixty hectares of vineyards. Guests are invited to take a stroll in the castle grounds, explore the botanical garden and observe a whole tribe of peacocks! And that ? And of course, wine tastings are also available. You might be tempted to take home a bottle or… maybe a crate!

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