A ‘Jurassic Park’ house is on Airbnb and they have spared no expense to stay on the Dino brand

Just when we thought we couldn’t find any cool Airbnbs for our next vacation, life finds a way to add another to our wishlist.

There’s a new Jurassic Park-themed house on Airbnb and features a giant T. rex skull, life-size animatronic dinosaurs, and a fenced-in cage where you can pretend to tame velociraptors.

The 2,166-square-foot Airbnb, located in Washington’s Skamania County, can accommodate up to eight people looking for a prehistoric vacation.

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It has two bathrooms and three bedrooms with a total of five beds, so a larger group of people could definitely consider coming here for a family vacation or a getaway with friends.

When you first enter the driveway, which can park up to three cars, you’ll be instantly greeted by life-size statues of T. rex, velociraptor, and triceratops that look quite lifelike.

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the jurassic park The theme also follows you into the Airbnb, which is adorned with dinosaur-related decor like a giant dinosaur skull and real movie props.

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After spending the day embarking on adventures at nearby natural sites such as Dougan Falls and Washougal River State Park, nothing will be better than jumping into Airbnb’s private hot tub to unwind for the night.

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Convenience won’t be a problem as the Airbnb is equipped with a Keurig coffee maker, kitchenware, linens / towels, hairdryer, free toiletries, washing machine -laundry, tumble dryer and free Wi-Fi.

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The Airbnb listing provides a warning that, given its remote location, the Wi-Fi and signal may not be strong enough to allow customers to work from home while on vacation.

Customers can expect to pay around $ 471 per night to experience the prehistoric-themed Airbnb. And unlike the movies, you can rest easy knowing these dinosaurs won’t break out during your stay.

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455-475 $ CA/night


Address: Skamania County, Washington, USA

Why you need to go: Spend a night in Jurassic Park and experience a child’s dinosaur dreams of the 90s.


Prices and occupancy conditions are confirmed at time of posting, but are subject to change at any time.

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