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The couple recently shared a tour of the sprawling Casa Esperanza at EIC on the Move, a dream destination now open to customers via Airbnb.

ANCX staff | 07 Dec 2021

Casa Esperanza, the spectacular property of singer Zsa Zsa Padilla and famous architect Conrad Onglao in Lucban, Quezon has received rave reviews on the Airbnb site. “Every detail is well thought out and the whole property is tastefully decorated,” wrote one guest. “The lush garden is everything plantthe dream ! The beautiful property “allows you luxury while communing with nature,” said another satisfied guest, while another commenter said: “Privacy is priceless.”

The interiors of Casa Esperanza have a modern and rustic look.

Zsa Zsa and Conrad started building the farm of their dreams on the two hectare property in 2018. This year they have decided to open two casitas for clients who want to discover their corner of paradise. The EIC in motion by Raul Manzano was recently at Casa Esperanza to visit the place and chat with the two visionaries behind the luxurious farmhouse.

What drove the couple to Lucban, Quezon, to build this second home, says Conrad, were their visits to his sister-in-law’s property. “We fell in love with the place, the people and the weather,” shares the architect in the episode. It was at this point that he and Zsa Zsa began to examine the properties available in the area.

The farm is built on hilly land in Barangay Piis. “For the locals, this is really a worthless property because it is not flat. They can’t crash, ”says Conrad, who designed the design for the casa. He didn’t mind the location as he enjoys working on difficult properties. And he got what he asked for. “I was telling Zsa Zsa, this is probably the most difficult project I have ever handled,” he told host Raul, adding that it was probably also because of the distance from Manila. and making sure residents understand their vision.

Casa Esperanza
The casita bedroom can accommodate four people.

The couple say they found inspiration for the look and overall theme of the modern and rustic farmhouse during one of their trips to New Zealand. ” The roofs [of the farmhouses there] are black, which is why we made it black, ”says Conrad.

Asked about her role in the planning, Zsa Zsa said, with a slight laugh, that she is the one issuing the approvals, her partner being a designer and architect who is always brimming with ideas, giving her plenty of options. She is of course the owner, jokes Conrad, because the place is named after her. Zsa Zsa’s real name, for those who don’t know, is Esperanza.

Casa Esperanza is the couple’s passion project. “We were the contractor, the architect, the interior designer, the landscaper, the project manager,” says Conrad who is known in the industry for building high-end commercial and residential projects via his CT Onglao Architects, Inc., of which he is the Managing Director and Principal Architect.

Casa Esperanza
Conrad and Zsa Zsa personally took care of the landscaping.

The shaping of the beautiful landscape of the property was overseen by Conrad and Zsa Zsa themselves. Initially, they hired people and provided them with stakes, but the results never came close to the “rustic and almost natural” look they wanted. The stone theme can be seen throughout the property. Another dominant material used has been reused yakal wood torn from old houses. The couple also moved some of the accent pieces they have in their home from Makati to the Casa, one of which is a Buddha that featured prominently in their home. They bought their sofa, coffee table, light fixtures from Restoration Hardware in the US and they got some of their antique accents from Ricky Baylosis.

Casa Esperanza
Guests are allowed to use the modern kitchen in the house.

The guest casita has a Smart TV and Wi-Fi, mini fridge and coffee maker. The bedroom is 60 m². in size and can accommodate four people. Two can sleep on the bed while two more can crash into the sofa bed. A casita has its own vanity, shower and tub which overlooks the garden. There are also no doors, which makes the spaces larger and easy to move from room to room. The books on display in the casita come from the personal collection of the hostess known to be a voracious reader.

Casa Esperanza
The tranquil and serene environment is perfect for relaxing, unwinding, as well as for practicing well-being and meditation.

A 25 meter long and four foot deep saltwater swimming pool completes this absolutely dreamy farmhouse. And since it rains 10 months a year in Lucban, guests who feel a bit cold, especially in the evening, can gather around the fireplace by the pool and enjoy a bottle of two. The tranquil and serene environment is perfect for relaxing, unwinding, as well as for practicing well-being and meditation. Zsa Zsa says it’s very peaceful there. The only disturbances, if you can call them that, are the sound of birds in the morning and crickets at night.

One night at Casa Esperanza is priced at P23,000 ++. For reservations, see their page on

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