A new company ready to take off in Texarkana soon

A rocket will soon be launched in Texarkana! What I mean is another new business is coming to Texarkana in Pleasant Grove.

RocketFast Car Wash is coming soon! RocketFast Car Wash is a state-of-the-art, high-quality, user-friendly car wash. Simply go to their automatic pay station and choose your washing options package. The transaction is conveniently quick and even faster if you have the unlimited fast pass windshield sticker which can be detected to immediately open the door.

You will then be guided through the wash conveyor by their friendly rocket specialist who will be there to answer any questions or assistance you may need. It will take around 4 minutes for the complete washing process with technologically advanced equipment to give your car or truck that showroom shine.

Car wash options

Ultimate cleaning $ 20

Cleanse and shine $ 30

Ultimate Clean Shine and Protector $ 40

Their best wash includes a special tricolor polish in hot pink, yellow and blue colors that remind you of the soaring colorful planets up close. This particular varnish improves the shine of your vehicle but helps protect the finish from wear and tear from harsh environmental elements.

The wheel blaster as well as the foaming tire and wheel cleaner use high pressure water to help remove brake dust, road grime and grease. Their tire shine machine will give your vehicle a long lasting professional shine

And finally, RocketFast touchless dryers combined with the stain-free rinse water to ensure a stain-free vehicle. Like always. RocketFast Car Wash offers its customers unlimited self-service suction stations.

Visit their website for more details.

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