A ‘nuclear circus’ is coming to Cumberland, Maine this summer

After the Kora Shrine Circus announced that it would not be holding any shows at Maine in 2022 or in the foreseeable future, many people have been disappointed. The circus has always maintained a level of popularity in the Pine Tree State, with generations of people enjoying a showcase of animals and performers. While the Kora Shrine Circus may be banned, there will be a different circus coming Cumberland, Maine this summer with promises of family fun and plenty of questions surrounding it.

According to the American Journal, the Garden Bros. Nuclear Circus is planning a series of shows at the Cumberland Fairgrounds from June 30 to July 3. Based in Florida, the Garden Bros. Nuclear Circus organized its traveling show primarily around human performers. They promise human cannonballs and slingshots, motorcyclists in the “sphere of fear”, as well as performers riding the wheel of death. Beyond the dramatic human performances, there are also canine performances, including a backflipping dog.

Garden Bros. also features a carnival element in its traveling circus. They bring in vendors who offer typical fairground foods like snow cones, cotton candy, funnel cakes, and more. They also offer carnival games with prizes, as well as face painting on site.

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On previous tours, Garden Bros. has been criticized for its treatment of performers and animals associated with the show. Complaints to the Better Business Bureau centered on the treatment of ponies and camels, both of which were featured in the children’s section of the carnival and available for rides. It’s unclear if this Garden Bros. Nuclear Circus in Maine will feature camel or pony rides.

Tickets are on sale now for Garden Bros. Nuclear Circus at Cumberland Fairgrounds from June 30 to July 3.

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