A ‘psycho’ guest ransacked an Airbnb apartment and left blood on the walls

An Airbnb host has found his rental apartment completely destroyed – complete with broken furniture, mouse infestation and bloodstains on the walls after a six-month stay. The apartment is located in brooklyn, New York. The trashed Airbnb incident was so disturbing that the guest, a 36-year-old NYU professor, was compared to Norman Bates, one of Hollywood’s most infamous psychopaths created by Alfred Hitchcock.

Airbnb host named Jazmin Jones (@jazminrjones), a Brooklyn-based filmmaker, decided to post a TikTok video last week showcasing the condition of the apartment. With a caption that reads “@airbnb you better help us clean up after Norman Bates…, Jones points to some sort of dark red or brown dried liquid smeared and dripping down a white wall, which she calls blood. Also, the text written on the screen of the video “POV: you come home to realize that your Airbnb guest was a literal demon…” The video, posted on May 26, went viral, reaching millions of viewers on this platform.

In the video, bags of trash and old takeaways can be seen strewn across the floor and piles of sheets and pillows pulled from the bed. The bathroom was also messy. He was covered in spilled toiletries and makeup on the sink. In the kitchen, the guest left a pile of dirty dishes and began to grow mold.

According to Jones, the apartment was also infested with mice. The video ends by showing Jones and her friend sitting in front of her apartment building.

“And you spend your birthday weekend trying to figure out how to hire hazard cleaners, get your bail, and find accommodation in a housing crisis,” the video’s caption reads.

As reported by The Sun, Jones said she was trying to take legal action for bail, but first had to detail the damage and file a police report into the incident. Airbnb ransacked. “We have contacted the authorities and will address this as a crime scene/trial,” she wrote via a text overlay on the video.

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