A small home vacation in the North Carolina mountains offers big views and big adventures

Little Mountainview House

For 25 years, ESCAPE has been designing and building award-winning tiny homes. It is a sought-after brand for its construction, its open layout and its clean and efficient design.

“The appeal of this getaway is in the simplicity of the home,” says Michael Steel, who owns small vacation rentals, including an ESCAPE property, Mountainview, with his wife, Samantha. “It caters to those looking for a peaceful, secluded getaway and a chance to connect with nature.”

Located in Vilas, NC near Boone, a staycation is an unforgettable experience. Although this ESCAPE property is considered tiny at only 319 square feet, it is also surprisingly spacious thanks to its carefully planned design.

Perched on the mountainside, the Mountainview Tiny House can comfortably accommodate two people. The simple, clean interior does not distract from the ever-changing spectacle of nature. Features such as a floor-to-ceiling bay window in the kitchen and windows throughout bring the outdoors in and are ideal for stargazing and admiring the rolling clouds.

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