Activist to fight recent violence in Birmingham area

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (WBRC) – It was a violent weekend in Jefferson County.

Multiple shootings and deaths have once again highlighted the problem of gun violence and how to tackle it. Activist Eric Hall said one life lost to gun violence was too many.

“It takes a village,” Hall said.

Discouraged by the recent spike in gun violence in Jefferson County, Hall said the community needed to take a comprehensive approach to reducing crime.

“We need all community actors to be responsible for our community; it’s the pastors, the police, the parishioners, the people, ”Hall said.

Over the weekend, several lives were lost to gun violence, including a quadruple shooting in Jones Valley where two people died and two others were injured.

With more and more technology being used in the metro area to fight crime, some expect the problem to improve, but Hall feared it might deter criminals.

“Criminals aren’t necessarily afraid of cameras,” Hall said.

Focused on crime prevention, Hall said the power to solve the problem lies with the people.

“We all have a role and a responsibility that we need to play and make sure our communities are one, safe. And also sustainable, ”Hall added.

Hall and his team hope to be part of the solution and break the cycle by supporting children of gun violence victims during the holidays.

See details in the leaflet below.

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