Airbnb above abandoned shopping mall compared to The Backrooms

A young woman, who recently stayed in an Airbnb rental, revealed on TikTok the unexpected surprise she made while venturing into the basement.

This is certainly an unusual feature when it comes to an accommodation stay.

A young woman recently revealed on social media that the Airbnb she was staying at had an unexpected surprise. According to a video she shared online, her Airbnb had an abandoned mall underneath.

Claire Scheulin posted videos of the mall to her TikTok account, where she said she and her friend were fine, but the abandoned mall was “a little scary.” In the footage, she shows an empty promenade area for a shopping center that has apparently been closed.

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In a later video, Ms Scheulin clarified that her Airbnb was part of a building above the mall, but that she would only give the exact link after she and her friend left. Another video showed that there was still a cafe that appeared to be in the middle of the mall and still had visitors.

Since the original video was uploaded, it has been viewed over 7 million times.

Although Ms Scheulin does not give the exact location while she is there, Yahoo News reports that some users may have figured out that the mall was likely in Florida. It is believed that the mall was located in a building and had a series of apartments and rooms above that were still in use.

Many users have commented on the similarity between the images Ms Scheulin posted and a spooky urban legend / story known as ‘Behind the Scenes’. Basically, the story usually involves an office worker being transported to an empty, inescapable office maze that exists slightly outside of reality.

Thankfully, since Ms. Scheulin is still posting to TikTok, it’s unlikely that she was transported to another dimension.

This article originally appeared on Fox News and has been reproduced with permission

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