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DUBAI: “Camel Race Secrets” showcases the Emirati tradition of one of the UAE’s heritage sports.

The camel racing film is Emirates News Agency’s fourth documentary.

The 12-minute program, available in 13 languages, highlights the historical and cultural aspects of the sport of camel racing in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the connection between camels and Emirati culture and how it has shaped the national identity.

Mohammed Jalal Al-Rayssi, director general of the Emirates News Agency, said the documentary was part of a series of films produced by the agency which aim to spread the cultural message of the UAE to the rest of the world and to highlight their accomplishments.

The documentary highlights the international stature of the UAE in organizing camel racing, becoming the camel racing capital of the world, and the leadership’s commitment to the sport.

It also showcases the Emirati’s love for camels, which are an integral part of the country’s culture and heritage.

The film begins with an interview with Mubarak Al-Hameli, manager of the Al Ain Camels farm, who pays tribute to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan.

“The love for camels comes from those memories, as they (this generation) traveled on their backs, ate their meat and drank their milk,” he said.

The film also features local and international races, including a women’s night race in Dubai and the annual camel races in the Australian town of Boulia.

In addition to camel racing, the documentary also explores topics such as animal husbandry, veterinary care and nutrition.

Through interviews with camel trainers, sports commentators, surgeons, geneticists, nutrition experts, owners and riders, the documentary aims to provide a comprehensive view of the camel racing scene in the UAE and the -of the.

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