Airbnb and its partners buy apartment complexes

Airbnb has purchased apartment buildings in Kissimmee and Nashville and will lease them to a mix of long-term tenants and short-term visitors. And the Silicon Valley home rental giant plans to invest up to $ 200 million in a joint venture to buy and transform up to five other apartment complexes in Florida.

The tenants of these quasi-hotels will be encouraged to rent their accommodation through Airbnb for almost half of the year and will share the profits with the owner. Tenants will keep 75 percent of their profits after taxes and local charges are paid. The owner will receive the remaining 25 percent.

Miami-based Airbnb multi-family partner, Niido, plans to buy new rental properties and under construction in cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Tampa and convert them into apartment towers. The joint venture is supported by an investment of up to $ 200 million from Brookfield Property Partners LP.

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