Airbnb and Made By Us collaborate to bring new Airbnb experiences to travelers

Airbnb has announced that it has collaborated with Made By Us, an alliance of historical and civic organizations, to create a wishlist of new Airbnb experiences developed by archives, theaters, museums, etc. Organizations participating in this initiative are the Genesee Country Village & Museum, Ford’s Theater, Virginia Museum of History and Culture, HistoryMiami Museum, Atlanta History Center, Betsy Ross House, and National Archives Foundation.

Experiential Creative Products Vice President, Airbnb, Bruce Vaughn said:

The Airbnb host community has a long history of supporting cultural sites in their cities, sharing them with their guests: according to a recent survey *, 20% of hosts recommend activities such as museums to visitors. This new series of experiences with Made by Us will build on that legacy by providing new ways for the Airbnb community to play a valuable role in the future of America’s historic institutions and to preserve cultural cornerstones on a national scale. .

With the start of the fall season, people are choosing to live on Airbnb while traveling, and 60% of those long-term nights have been booked in urban areas. Meanwhile, the partnership between Airbnb and Made By Us will help guide travelers in the formulation of their visits to historical and cultural sites in cities across the country.

General Manager of Made By Us, Caroline Kilbanoff said:

Historic sites and museums are the heart of our cities and, as custodians of our histories, they contain essential tools and information we need to shape our future. By partnering with Airbnb, these experiences provide entertainment, learning, and a deeper context of how we live today, sparking customer curiosity and supporting our institutions.

The latest Airbnb experiences will not only allow travelers to “travel back in time, go behind the scenes of history or savor local dishes in a breathtaking setting”, but will also enable them to support institutions, which are recovering. crucial repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, across the country.

Atlanta History Center President and CEO Sheffield Hale said:

We are excited to participate in Airbnb experiences. We look forward to welcoming visitors from across the country to take a behind-the-scenes look at what makes Atlanta, Atlanta.

Airbnb says support from visitors and locals has “never been greater” as archives, theaters and museums continue to grapple with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information on this collaboration or to book an Experience, visit the dedicated page here.

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