Airbnb background check lawsuits | account Disabled

Lawyers working with want to hear about Airbnb users who were rentals refused or had their disabled accounts due to the findings of a criminal background check.

An investigation is underway to determine whether the company providing the reports uses faulty data and negligent processes that have wrongly prevented some users from renting and using their accounts.

If your Airbnb account has been deactivated or you’ve been denied a rental due to a background check, fill out the form on this page and share your story. You may be able to help start a class action lawsuit.

Why does Airbnb say I have a criminal record?

It’s possible that the background check provided to Airbnb included incomplete or inaccurate data that led the homestay rental giant to believe that you have a criminal record.

For example, attorneys investigate whether the background check company includes duplicate entries in their reports, making it look like an individual has committed the same crime over and over again.

They are also reviewing allegations that the company lists the current status or end result of certain arrests and prosecutions as “unknown.”

If the company does not update this status as needed, those who have had their charges dropped or who have been acquitted may appear “worse” to the rental company and be wrongly denied or blocked.

Failure to provide up-to-date information can also mean that deleted records, which cannot legally show up on a background check, can still be reported.

Other general background check issues include:

  • Confusing a consumer’s information with someone with a similar name or date of birth
  • Including arrests or dismissed charges older than seven years

Airbnb user complaints about account deactivation

Here’s a sample of complaints posted online by Airbnb users who say their account has been deactivated and their trips have been wrongly canceled due to a criminal record (sic throughout, it’s our emphasis ):

Was my account deleted for similar reasons (cleared criminal record that was reported incorrectly); also had a booking in London which starts July 6 canceled and another in the US which starts next week canceled. I was able to get Airbnb’s background check company to update their erroneous report, and now their report says my record is clean. But of course, The evil is already done.”
— anonposter000,

Airbnb had my background checked and closed my account without any recourse. I was arrested in 2012 when I was 18, more than 8 years before. I was trying to get into my own house but left my key and my family wasn’t home…We FULLY REMOVED the arrest so it shouldn’t have appeared on any background checksin mid 2017… Anyway, I wonder if anyone else had this problem…”

I’m a guest with probably 30+ stays and a 4.93 star rating. I have never received a complaint or a bad review… Last week I logged into my account and booked an apartment for an upcoming work trip… Then about a minute later I received a SMS from Airbnb saying the trip was canceled and refunded, and I should check my emails…The email informed me that my account has been deactivated, due to “Criminal Record Match” and that I am now banned of the format… The point is that apart from a CFA a few years ago (a misdemeanor where I live) I have no criminal record… I have previously volunteered to teach job skills in prisons for more than ten years and I had several background checks to do it, without any problem. So I don’t know what criminal record they match here…”
– Anonymous,

How a Class Action Could Help

If filed and successful, a class action lawsuit could help Airbnb users who have had their accounts locked out get compensation for the harm they suffered. It could also force the company doing the background checks to change how it collects, processes and distributes information.

Have you been refused by Airbnb? Has your account been deactivated?

If so, the lawyers working with want to hear from you. Fill out the form on this page and tell us what happened. You may be entitled to compensation.

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