Airbnb bans some reservations in San Diego due to New Year’s Eve concerns

SAN DIEGO — Airbnb announced that the company is implementing tougher rules and booking restrictions aimed at stopping parties at San Diego Airbnbs during the holidays.

This is of particular concern for New Year’s Eve. The company said it had a trial-like program last year and blocked around 2,800 people from booking an Airbnb over New Year’s Eve in 2021, in because of a concern of the parties.

The company is banning one-night bookings for entire Airbnb homes for guests who don’t have a positive account history, with positive reviews. The company says that if there’s a guest with no reviews or negative reviews, they likely won’t be able to book a one-night stay over New Year’s weekend.

“If I live in San Diego and try to book a 6 bedroom house in La Jolla, you have no reviews on Airbnb, that’s the type of booking we’re probably going to stop,” Ben Breit, Airbnb said Director of Trust and Safety Communications. “We prohibit parties, we don’t want parties happening at our properties, our hosts, even before we implement this policy, especially in an area like San Diego, they don’t want parties happening either happen, they don’t want the goods damaged. can come.”

The company said that in 2021 it stopped around 340,000 people around the world from booking an Airbnb while on vacation.

“If you don’t have a positive review history or if you don’t have reviews on Airbnb, you just don’t have that positive history on Airbnb yet, you won’t be able to make a one night reservation for New Year’s Eve, and there are also certain measures for reservations of two or three nights.

Airbnb has a 24/7 neighborhood helpline and encourages people who live next to an Airbnb rental property to contact them if parties are happening at their properties.

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