Airbnb cracks down on guests who want to host a New Year’s Eve party at their home

Airbnb told CBS 8 that various “anti-party” defenses deterred more than 2,800 people from booking entire San Diego real estate listings on New Year’s Eve 2021.

SAN DIEGO — Airbnb officials have announced new rules that have proven effective in 2021 in combating New Year’s Eve knocks in their homes.

The short-term accommodation giant said it would focus its restrictions on “certain types of bookings over New Year’s Eve”.

“These restrictions will prohibit single-night reservations of entire accommodations for customers with no positive account history – or previous reservations – on the platform. We are also introducing stricter restrictions for customers attempting to book reservations of two and three nights, emphasizing local booking attempts,” Airbnb said.

Airbnb told CBS 8 that various “anti-party” defenses deterred more than 2,800 people in San Diego alone from reserving entire house listings on New Year’s Eve 2021.

“This anti-party initiative is about supporting our hosts and neighbors,” Airbnb spokeswoman Lisa Cohen said.

CBS 8 asked Airbnb’s director of trust and safety communications, what if landlords don’t care about New Year’s Eve parties, knowing they could make more money renting their lodging ?

“It’s not okay for us. In addition to banning parties, we are also banning party houses,” said
Ben Breit.

Anyone violating the policy could be prosecuted by Airbnb, which they have done before.

Breit told CBS8 that he realized the policy could impact tenants who don’t plan on hosting a party.

Still, he said it’s a risk the company is willing to take.

“It’s a trade-off we’re prepared to make now in the interest of confidence and security.”

Rob Brown, a local realtor who lives in Mission Beach and also owns a rental property there, agrees with Airbnb’s policy.

He said the private hire company he uses has similar safeguards in place.

“They have a three-night minimum, and the reason for that is to avoid the parties that cause all the conflict between neighbors and avoid damage from having a party,” Brown said.

Airbnb officials encourage residents of San Diegan to contact their dedicated security team if they have any issues with Airbnb guests.

Airbnb operates a 24/7 neighborhood helpline here.

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