Airbnb Florida: Visitor mistakes Miami home for rental and sleeps in stranger’s house

MIAMI, Florida — A visitor spent the night at a stranger’s house in South Florida, thinking it was his Airbnb, and the owner handled the situation with surprising grace.

“It’s the best possible outcome to break into someone’s house and spend the night in their bed,” visitor Paul Drecksler said.

Drecksler made an honest mistake.

“I had accidentally got the address wrong while switching from the Airbnb app to Google Maps and Uber, the address became the house next door,” he said.

Drecksler had just arrived in Miami to celebrate a friend’s wedding. After a long day of travel, he arrived at what he thought was his unlocked room around 2 a.m., WSVN reported.

Even following the instructions left by his Airbnb.

“In the bedroom, the bed was made and ready to go, and there were two clean, folded towels waiting for me,” Drecksler said.

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Drecksler fell asleep and woke up the next morning to a very confused landlord.

“The next morning I woke up knocking on the door. I was surprised the guy knocked on his own door,” Drecksler recalled. “He’s like, ‘Hey, can I help you? This is my house!’ And I’m like sleeping, I’m like, ‘Uh no, it’s an Airbnb that I rented.’ He goes, ‘No, this is my house.’ I could have been woken up by an angry owner – very bad things could have happened.”

The landlord dragged it out and Drecksler found his Airbnb next door.

“Looking back now I look back all the clues were there, this is the wrong Airbnb but at 2am your brain is like this, this is the one,” Drecksler said.

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He said now is a fun story to tell after spending the night at a stranger’s house in Miami.

“I’ve stayed at hundreds of Airbnbs and this has never happened before,” Drecksler added.

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