Airbnb founder on the building that inspired him: “It’s sacred ground”

Over the years, Demetrios has welcomed designers, curators, artists, and makers to explore the collection, as well as visitors from Silicon Valley. Among the countless pieces, moulds, casts and prototypes are drawers filled with toy cars, fabric samples, Christmas decorations, family photos and letters.

For John Cary, president and CEO of the institute, this combination of personal and professional ephemera is fundamental to understanding the Eames’ approach to design: “Their work is compelling because they have found in the everyday objects and materials the inspiration to shape a new perspective, new shapes, a new purpose,” he says. “They did it, fueled by the relentless curiosity they had for the world they encountered. That mindset – like their work – is timeless.

Unsurprisingly, the Eames’ limitless approach to design amounted to overtime. For the grandchildren, that meant hours of free play in the office, hurtling down the halls on makeshift carts: “As prolific and amazing as they were as designers, they were even more extraordinary as grandchildren. parents,” says Demetrios. “They spent time with each of us and shared everything they were working on. And they never spoke to us.

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