Airbnb guest warns public after alleged discovery

A woman took Twitter to warn the public after worrying that there might be hidden cameras in his Airbnb.

Twitter user @foxytaughtyou shared the following thread to document his experience at an Airbnb in Philadelphia. She claims the Airbnb had excessive sprinklers placed throughout the house, which she and her friend later thought were hidden cameras.

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“I’ve never seen a sprinkler on the wall”, a Twitter user replied.

The woman also clarified specific facts from the story in the Twitter feed.

“The Airbnb was listed under a trade name and we never met the owner. Every time we tried to call them, even when we arrived, they never answer the call“, @foxytaughtyou tweeted. “They only respond by message, so we don’t know what they look like, sound like or if they are male or female.”

Distract reported that an Airbnb representative said the company worked with Philadelphia police to investigate the TikTokerthe revendications. According to Distractify, the rep said no hidden cameras were found, but Airbnb fully refunded the guest.

That said, subscribers can learn from @foxytaughtyou’s experience and how to check hidden cameras in an Airbnb – if that’s a problem – and how to stay safe.

The woman claims that after she and her friend returned to the Airbnb from a late night out, they fell asleep on the couch; the two realized a camera was placed on the ceiling above the sofa when they woke up and noticed a suspicious object above them.

“We were completely freaked out when we saw this. Looks like they tried to hide it, but I don’t know. It just looks weird. It’s a hole in the ceiling with a camera,” @foxytaughtyou said. “I don’t know how anyone in the past didn’t notice this camera, but we did.”

@foxytaughtyou goes on to explain how she and her friend scoured the rest of the house to find anything else that raised red flags. She claims the two performed “flash tests” with their call cameras on some of the sprinklers.

A flash test is a security tactic where people shine their flashlights on any object they might consider hiding a camera to see if blue or red light is reflected – indicating a camera lens.

Later in his Twitter feed, @foxytaughtyou claims that Airbnb did not refund her. Instead, the company reportedly placed her and her friend in another Airbnb. The woman also claims that the couple reported their case to Airbnb support. and the Philadelphia Policebut they have not yet received an update on their reports.

“We were so scared we just packed up our shit and left,” @foxytaughtyou said in her ICT Tac. “Please be careful at these Airbnbs. Your attention please. Make sure there are no cameras in there.

While @foxytaughtyou’s safety message is worth keeping in mind, the Airbnb rep said Distract that the Philadelphia Police Department found no cameras on the property.

“Today we spoke directly with the lead detective from the Philadelphia Police Department who responded to the complaint and investigated the property,” the Airbnb rep told the outlet. “He confirmed that he found no hidden or undisclosed cameras and that the sprinklers had regular sprinkler heads.”

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