Airbnb Host Removed After Sending Threatening Text Messages To Black Doctor For Leaving 4-Star Review

An Airbnb host has been removed from the home-sharing platform after threatening a black doctor for leaving a four star review.

Dr. Alex More, who was staying at a house listed in Vancouver, British Columbia, posted the chilling messages from the Airbnb host on Twitter.

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“I have your photo, your name and your number,” the host sent her in a threatening message. “You have 48 hours to withdraw your review, or I’ll hire a private investigator to get your address, then the fun begins.”

According to Moore, the host was upset because she left a 4/5 review, dropping their average rating from 5 to 4.95.

Airbnb eventually removed Brad’s 1 bedroom, 1 bath listing, but Moore had to get law enforcement involved first.

“I just spoke with Vancouver PD, and they’ll send someone over to tell the host to leave me alone ‘otherwise,'” she said. “They can also revoke his license to participate in roommate programs. Crossed fingers.”

Moore says Airbnb eventually deleted the listing and thanked her for going to the police.

“Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention,” Airbnb said.

The platform added, “We have concluded our investigation and can confirm that we have removed the host’s account and listing from Airbnb.”

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