Airbnb introduces new animal experiences for travelers

Have you ever wanted to paddleboard with a corgi in the crystal clear waters of Florida? Or skate with a bulldog in Lima? Or hang out with alpacas in Denver? Or kayak near the penguins in Cape Town? Or meet the arctic foxes from Iceland? Or introduce you to urban beekeeping?

The answer to all of these questions is obviously yes, and now anything is possible, thanks to Airbnb’s new animal experiences.

The home-sharing company today announced that it has added Animal Experiences to its Fun Travel Pack, available to book in 1,000 cities around the world. This means that when planning a vacation in Spain, you can take the time to snuggle up with a donkey or two, or if you are going to Costa Rica, you can book a macaw watching trip with your Airbnb, or if you’re on a business trip to Los Angeles, you can set aside some time to make friends a rescue horse. These new animal experiences are the perfect way to immerse yourself in a new city or culture, or even have fun in your own city.

[Photo: courtesy of Airbnb]

Learning to hang out with a cold bulldog isn’t even the best part of new experiences. The best part is that Airbnb has worked with World Animal Protection to ensure that the animals involved are all well taken care of by the people leading the tours. None of these experiments harm the animals. There are no tiger selfies or enslaved elephant rides in Thailand or sad roadside zoos in Florida or miserable ponies forced to ride kids in the scorching sun or swim with captured dolphins who just want to be free.

Instead, these experiments are designed to help humans better understand the animals that share the planet with them. Additionally, more than 100 Airbnb animal experiences are also referred to as social impact experiences, where proceeds from bookings are donated to nonprofits such as conservation, animal rescue, and veterinary care. All that and you get to cuddle with cows on the Big Island of Hawaii, go on a multi-day safari booked through Airbnb or, my favorite: help save puppies lost in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

These new Airbnb animal experiences are designed not only to be an antidote to those typical sad animal-themed tourist attractions, but also to be a new way to immerse yourself in a new city with new furry friends. Day at the Beach with Rescue Puppiesanybody?

[Photo: courtesy of Airbnb]

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