Airbnb launches anti-New Year’s party tech in Denver and beyond

In 2021, the company kept more than 950 Denver residents from ringing in the New Year while on a short-term rental.

December 09, 2022, 11:40 a.m.

You can fight for the right to party. just not in a Airbnb.

Ahead of New Year’s Eve, the company is beefing up its “anti-party systems” and drawing a “hard line.” And it’s not just in Denver – the crackdown is global.

How will the crackdown work?

Guests with no positive reviews and no history at all will be banned from making overnight rentals on New Year’s Eve. Similar policies were in place in the United States for Halloween this year.

This policy will complement Airbnb’s general anti-party stance. Airbnb had experimented with a year-round no-party policy since August 2020 and has seen a 44% drop in party reporting. In June this year, the company formalized its no-party policy.

These rules are in place to protect both hosts and guests and to ensure that short-term rentals do not disrupt surrounding neighbours.

How have past holiday bans worked?

In 2021, the company’s anti-party policies coincided with a 56% drop in complaints about New Year’s Eve parties.

Worldwide, 340,000 people have encountered the tusks. More than 950 have done it in Denver alone.

“Stays happen across the globe every night on Airbnb, with the overwhelming majority of guests and hosts being respectful of neighbors and providing benefits to their local community,” said Naba Banerjee, Director of Trusted Products and Operations. at Airbnb, in a press release. “These proactive defenses will help promote responsible travel and prevent rare instances of unwanted behavior, and allow hosts, guests and communities to enjoy their holiday celebrations with added confidence.”

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