Airbnb offers Houston World Series travel safety tips

HOUSTON (KIAH) If you’re considering hosting a place to stay during the upcoming Baseball Championship World Series, Airbnb has a few things you need to know.

Airbnb said baseball championship games provide greater economic opportunities with rentals in Houston (and Atlanta) arranged during the series last year. Marquee hosts have earned over $8 million during the games.

For those looking to rent, Airbnb offersp safety tips for fans preparing to travel to Houston and Philadelphia this week.

With the most wonderful time of the year for fans of America’s favorite pastime officially in full swing, Houston and Philadelphia will go head-to-head for the trophy.

With the return of major events this year, Airbnb helps cities use existing space to scale homes and absorb visitor influxes, while creating economic opportunities for local residents and small businesses.

When Houston and Atlanta hosted the Big Baseball Championship last year, the local hosts collectively earned more than $8 million from hosting more than 14,000 guests from around the world, generating significant economic activity for both cities.


For those who wish to earn extra income by hosting their home at large events, they can visit to find out how much their property could earn on Airbnb, sign up for a hosting webinar, learn how Airbnb supports hosts, and more.

With the first championship game taking place in Houston, travelers can still find safe and affordable options with Airbnb hosts in Houston and Philadelphia.

Airbnb shares some safety tips to help guests prepare to cheer on their favorite teams over the next week:

  • Fans can protect themselves, their payments, and their personal information by staying on our secure platform throughout the process—from communication to booking and payment. Airbnb will never request payment for anything outside of our site, via email, or through a third-party booking agent. When looking for listings, always go directly to or the Airbnb app.
  • Search and book with confidence: Customers can find exactly what they are looking for by taking advantage of our many search filters, such as price, home type and amenities. They should make sure to read the host profile and listing description carefully, paying particular attention to amenities, house rules or travel requirements, and cancellation policy .
  • Read ratings and reviews: Customers can check out feedback from past customers to help them find the solution that’s right for them. They’ll see ratings on multiple quality dimensions, like cleanliness and accuracy, and detailed reviews with genuine feedback about the experience. Travelers can only leave a review after they’ve stayed with that specific host, so they know the reviews they see are based on real experiences.
  • Get answers to questions: Our secure messaging tool is a safe and easy way to ask a potential host questions about their home or experience before booking. After booking, guests can also message their hosts to coordinate check-in and stay in touch throughout their trip, which will be especially important in Houston and Philadelphia as fans descend on the cities for the games. For example, the host can provide advice on good public transport to get from their listing to stadiums, etc.
  • Perform a security check: Once guests arrive home, they should make sure they know where all relevant emergency equipment and safety information is located. If you don’t know where to find something like the first aid kit, fire extinguisher or smoke detector, travelers should not hesitate to ask their host. It’s always better to be prepared.
  • Respect for neighbours: Remember that by booking an Airbnb listing, guests aren’t just entering that home, they’re joining a community. Whether vacationing in a single-family home or condo, guests will be surrounded by neighbors who maintain normal work hours and may have young children. It is important to pay attention to noise and respect their spaces.
  • If something is wrong, contact: If a guest arrives at a house and something is wrong, contact us.

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