Airbnb partners with Roomonitor for free noise detector program

Spain: Airbnb has partnered with Spanish home automation start Roomonitor will launch a program that will distribute noise detectors to its guests in Madrid and Barcelona.

Thanks to the program, a group of hosts in Madrid and Barcelona will be able to enroll for free in Roomonitor’s noise monitoring system for the first six months, which uses algorithms to analyze sound patterns, without accessing the audio of living space.

While the presence of such devices can be used as a deterrent in some cases, according to Roomonitor, if noise levels in properties exceed the pre-set limit, the host will receive a call and alert on their phone, allowing them to ” intervene with the customer to avoid disturbing their neighbors.

Additionally, the company offers a service where night agents can visit properties as needed to provide 24 hour surveillance and troubleshoot issues in these situations.

Thus, Roomonitor devices are able to help in the prevention, monitoring and resolution of noise problems for neighbors, while protecting the privacy of guests. Previously, Airbnb actively promoted the installation of noise detectors around the world, including launching discount programs for hosts.

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