Airbnb renews rental restrictions for Memorial Day, July 4, to prevent parties – NBC10 Philadelphia

Airbnb said Wednesday it would impose special restrictions during Memorial Day and the July 4 holiday to prevent parties at rented homes, bringing back measures the company said worked last summer.

Renters who don’t have “a history of positive reviews on Airbnb” will be barred from making one-night reservations for the homes, and there will also be limits on who can make two-night reservations, a said the company.

Airbnb said it will require tenants to confirm they understand the company’s ban on parties and that Airbnb may take legal action against violators.

The company said customers who have received positive ratings in the past will not be affected by the changes.

San Francisco-based Airbnb said similar measures prevented 126,000 people from renting properties over the July 4 holiday last year due to a lack of positive reviews from hosts.

Airbnb has long faced criticism of large parties, some of which have turned violent, at properties listed by its hosts.

Last month, two teenagers were killed and several others were shot and injured during an Easter weekend party at an Airbnb in Pittsburgh. Airbnb said it was planning legal action against the person who booked the house. The company parties banned after five people were shot dead at a 2019 Halloween party at a rental in Orinda, California, a suburb of San Francisco.

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