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You can try your hand at enchantments inscribed in the ancient spellbook that guided the Sanderson sisters through all their misdeeds

Airbnb wants you to get into the spooky spirit with their latest family vacation rental, and we know you’re going to want all the details. Just in time for Disney’s release Hocus Pocus 2 September 30, you can book a night at the Sanderson Sisters Cottage in Salem, MA.

Set an alarm for Wednesday, October 12 at 1 p.m. ET for a chance to secure a night’s reservation for Thursday, October 20. You and your best friend can go wild and dig through cupboards filled with owl blood and red weed (and even a hair from Winifred’s head) during the unique experience.

Helynn Ospina/Airbnb

Take your time exploring the dripping floor rooms of the property, then try your hand at the enchantments inscribed in the ancient spellbook that guided the sisters through all their misdeeds.

Helynn Ospina/Airbnb

While in town, explore Salem and all its haunted properties that really come to life (or die) during the Halloween season.

Helynn Ospina/Airbnb

Before you go to bed for the night, enjoy a screening of Hocus Pocus 2 Which one is available to Disney+ subscribers from September 30. Fans of the original Hocus Pocus eagerly awaited this reboot as the trailers promised to shed some light on the sisters’ origin story with glimpses of them as teenagers.

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