Airbnb says the party is over on New Years Eve…

In a bid to show it is cracking down on loud guests, Airbnb has released details of thousands of parties it claims have stopped at short-term properties across the UK.

A statement from the platform reads, “We know that the vast majority of guests are respectful neighbors and travelers, and that the vast majority of hosts share their homes responsibly. Likewise, we are committed to reducing instances of unauthorized parties and helping hosts protect against neighborhood disturbances, and certain times of the year, such as New Year’s Eve, may attract a higher risk of unauthorized or disruptive parties.

“To this end, we are introducing restrictions on certain types of bookings over New Years Eve. These restrictions will see a ban on one-night bookings of entire house listings for customers with no positive account history – or no previous bookings – on the platform. We are also introducing tighter restrictions for those same customers trying to book two- and three-night reservations, with a focus on local reservation attempts.

He claims to have stopped thousands of planned New Year’s Eve parties across the country.

Specifically, these were in Bath (over 600); Belfast (over 350); Brighton (850); Bristol (650); Cardiff (350); Edinburgh (800); York (450); Glasgow (700); Birmingham (750); Liverpool (400); and Sheffield (200).

He says in Manchester he stopped more than 1,350 parties and in London no less than 7,800.

An Airbnb spokesperson said, “Stays happen every night around the world on Airbnb, with the overwhelming majority of guests and hosts respecting neighbors and providing benefits to their local community. These proactive defenses will help promote responsible travel and prevent rare instances of unwanted behavior, and enable hosts, guests and communities to enjoy their year-end celebrations with greater confidence.

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