Airbnb cracks down on New Year’s Eve parties in South Florida – NBC 6 South Florida

Airbnb has announced new measures to help prevent unauthorized New Year’s Eve parties in Miami and other US cities.

The company said in a press release that it will “continue to take a tough line on disruptive parties and emphasize safe and responsible travel” over New Year’s weekend.

As part of the new anti-party efforts, Airbnb will put in place a ban on certain overnight bookings on new year’s eve for “whole house” listings in cities like Miami.

“So the policy is to ban parties,” said Ben Breit, Airbnb’s director of public trust and safety communications. “We first started banning parties at the start of the pandemic.”

These defenses are indeed for customers with no positive account history or no previous reservations, the company said. Efforts are designed to complement Airbnb’s efforts other party prevention systems and party banwhich were codified earlier this summer.

Airbnb says the new security measures take place over the holiday weekend, as some guests may be more inclined to try and host unauthorized parties to celebrate the New Year.

“It’s important to really couple smart policy with strong enforcement of this policy because there are always going to be people trying to circumvent it,” Breit said.

Created to support both hosts and neighbours, the New Year’s Eve anti-party initiative was first tested in 2020 following a growing number of coronavirus cases.

The company estimates that since initial implementation, there has been “a global year-over-year decline in NYE party incident rates of approximately 56%.”

Specifically in Miami, Airbnb says more than 1,450 people have been deterred by the various anti-party defenses from booking entire property listings. last eve.

“We love people traveling to Miami through our platform for fun,” Breit said. “But when it comes to partying, do it in a bar, do it in a club.”

Airbnb encourages Miami neighbors to contact their 24/7 Neighborhood Helpline with any concerns at

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