Airbnb supports remote work option “for good”

image source: Airbnb

“Live and work anywhere” is the home sharing giant Airbnb new philosophy giving thousands of employees the option of full-time remote work and benefits. The news comes as most businesses around the world struggle to bring back staff as the Covid-19 pandemic subsides.

“You have the ability to live and work in 170 countries for up to 90 days a year in each location,” said the CEO and co-founder of Airbnb. Brian Chesky announcing the news via his Twitter account on Thursday.

Chesky added that staff compensation will not change for those who choose to leave remotely. Airbnb takes the move as natural after Covid-19 forced the business world to work from home. The idea now is to adapt to the new normal.

The new policy that applies to its 15,000 employees, as described by Chesky, focuses on five main points:

-you can work from home or in the office

– you can move anywhere in the country where you work and your remuneration will not change

-you have the opportunity to travel and work all over the world

-we will meet regularly for gatherings

-we will continue to work in a very coordinated way.

Employees who choose to work remotely will still need a permanent address for tax and payroll purposes, Chesky said in a separate email sent to staff this week.

“Most companies don’t because of the mountain of complexities with tax, payroll and time zone availability, but hopefully we can open up a solution so other companies can offer as well. this flexibility,” he said in the email. .

When it comes to meetings, Chesky said, “the right solution must combine the efficiency of Zoom with the meaningful human connection that occurs when people come together. Our design attempts to combine the best of both worlds.”

“Today, more than 20 countries offer remote work visas, and more are in the pipeline,” he said.

In recent years, Greece has taken steps to attract digital nomads and telecommuters. In March, the Ministry of Tourism has signed an agreement with the digital payment company Visa with the aim of attracting Visa executives to Greece where they will work remotely under the the ministry’s ongoing initiative on digital nomads.

At the same time, an HSBC survey revealed that Greece high score for “well-being” as a strong incentive for digital nomads to move there however, Greece still has a long way to go before it established itself as a remote work destination, according to the conclusions of the 1st Digital Mobility Conference organized by the Observatory of Digital Nomads.

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