Airbnb to Rent Carrie Bradshaw’s ‘Sex and the City’ Apartment for Two Nights in November

For only two nights in November, Airbnb rents version of Carrie’s enviable brownstone which begged the question: “How could a columnist specializing in sex afford this wonderful apartment on the Upper East Side?” It contains all of the props that made it so memorable on the show, as well as a virtual tour of Carrie herself, Sarah Jessica Parker. (Big, Aidan, and other fluffy love interests not included.)
The Sandstone Stays will take place just weeks before the premiere of “And Just Like That …”, the upcoming HBO Max series that continues the adventures of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte without Samantha. (HBO Max and CNN share a parent company, WarnerMedia.) Oh, and because the original “Sex and the City” premiered 23 years ago, each overnight stay will only cost guests $ 23.

Parker will greet guests (via video) in the style of one of Carrie’s many contemplative monologues before transforming them into her character’s fabulous apartment. Look, there’s Carrie’s office, where she’s used her tumultuous personal life for newsprint, and an old-fashioned laptop. If you absolutely have to call your girlfriends while you’re there, Carrie’s big cordless landline can swing perfectly against your shoulder as you sift through the shoes on the floor of her closet.

Carrie's closet is fully stocked so guests can dress up.  Peep Carrie's famous tutu (unblemished) on the right.

Speaking of Carrie’s spacious closet, it’s an adult’s costume dream come true. Bursting with couture and Carrie’s signature styles – yes, the tutu is here, based on photos provided by Airbnb – and painted in the same cerulean blue as our protagonist’s apartment in the movie “Sex and the City”, the walk-in closet de Carrie has plenty of options for a trendy outfit for brunch and Cosmos.

It's possible that this Airbnb version of Carrie's apartment is even more chic than the original.
To be clear, this is not Carrie’s original apartment – the interior seen in the series was built on a plateau, and the exterior of the brownstone was actually located in the West Village and had a fascinating history of its own. It’s a recreation, located in the Tony Chelsea neighborhood of New York. (Oh, and although the stay is only $ 23 before tax, guests are responsible for getting to New York City, through Airbnb.)
Be aware that “SATC” enthusiasts – scoring a stint at Carrie’s might become more competitive than the rivalry between Kim Cattrall and SJP. Reservations open November 8 at noon ET for overnight stays on November 12 and 13.

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