Alison Hammond turned down her former Birmingham film job after leaving Big Brother

Alison Hammond has shared how she was “too famous” to return to her job at a Birmingham cinema after being in Big Brother.

The Brummie TV star shot to fame on Channel 4’s Big Brother, before becoming an ITV This Morning star.

Alison discussed her rise to fame with Holly Willoughby on her co-star’s new podcast.

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Holly said: “Being on [Big Brother] Either you become really famous or you are financially rewarded.”

“Well, I definitely haven’t been rewarded financially after that show,” Alison told Holly, 41.

Alison used to work at a cinema in Birmingham, but they refused to give her back her old job.

She continued, “I wanted to go back. At the time, I had a movie job. But they said, ‘No, I can’t go back. “”

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“I was too famous,” Alison told Holly.

She added: “I was too famous and they said I would take away the fact that people just want to go to the cinema and it would be too busy.

“And I was like, ‘Can’t I just go make the hot dogs in the back?

“They said, ‘Alison, let’s see what it’s like in a month and then give us a call.’

“I didn’t have a job. I said I’m going to have to register for this period while I’m not working.”

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