All-pink party apartments that guests love on Airbnb

There has been a growing trend for all-pink bars and restaurants in Manchester lately – and now you can vacation in an all-pink apartment.

Two new apartment hotel suites are causing a sensation on the Airbnb rental site with their rosy glow – with furniture, walls, light fixtures and fixtures all pink in color.

Called the Boujee Boutique rooms, they are part of the burgeoning luxury hotel empire of Manchester-based Jacksonheim Boutique.

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Jacksonheim boss Corin Craig Jackson says he designed the rooms in response to the cultural influence towards all things pink.

He said: “There seems to be a growing trend and demand for this type of interior style, especially from what we’ve seen in the bar and restaurant world in Manchester and Liverpool.

“We’ve seen in places like Boujee Restaurant and 202 Kitchen in Manchester, and Café Sass in Liverpool, this trend for lots of pink walls, hallways lined with heels and neon lights.

“We thought it would be fun to use this as inspiration for the apartments, and they have already been so well received.”

Understandably, given their somewhat female-oriented style, they’ve proven popular for girls’ nights in the city center – and have captured the attention of celebrities and influencers as well.

Charlotte Hampton and her friends pictured in the original Boujee Boutique apartment

Now Corin has launched the Boujee 2 store on the market – and has already seen it booked for most weekends until Christmas.

The new apartment, just on the edge of the North Quarter, has been completely gutted and remodeled for its new look – which features a full wall covered in faux shrubs with a neon sign on top, perfect for savvy Instagram consumers.

The living and dining room furnishings are all lavish pink, while the bedroom is entirely pink from head to toe.

On the lobby walls are hung a series of pictures and posters with artwork and “empowering” slogans like “GRL Power” and “Femme and Fierce”.

Meanwhile, the original Boujee Warehouse Boutique, at Vulcan Mill in New Islington, has two bedrooms and can accommodate up to six people.

Featured as “one of Manchester’s boldest apartments” on its Airbnb list, it features open-plan living space with a “Netflix and chill” neon sign next to the big-screen TV.

The original Boujee Boutique apartment

Corin owns 16 luxury apartments in the city center that are available for short and long term bookings through Airbnb and is working on a host of other real estate projects in the city.

He became known for his interior design with apartments – also being the man behind the all-black interiors of the Gotham-inspired apartment in the city center.

The living room with soft pink furniture

The prices of Boujee Boutique apartments depend on the number of guests and the nights of the week you are staying.

Corin says: “It depends on the number of guests, the nights of the week, if you were staying on a Monday night as a couple you would pay around £ 129, but if you were staying on weekends and there were four of them. ‘between you, you would be looking between £ 300 and £ 350 per night. “

Boujee Boutique 2 – the pink bedroom

Corin says the boom in Airbnb stays in Manchester has been “phenomenal” and shows no signs of slowing down since the easing of lockdown restrictions and especially with the event industry picking up in the region.

He says demand over the Parklife weekend was ‘crazy’ with properties selling for over £ 1,000 a night on Airbnb due to the demand.

The apartments are located in mixed residential blocks in Manchester, but Corin says Jacksonheim works hard to make sure the business is run in a sustainable manner and with other residents in mind.

The pink rooms of the original room of the Boujee Boutique aparthotel

He said: “This is [Airbnb] frowned upon by many people because there are operators who do not operate them sustainably and they can cause nuisance.

“But we have a lot of things in place to operate in a sustainable manner to ensure that people are having fun, but we have a gauge of what’s going on at all times.”

Both apartments are reserved for bookings on Airbnb for a minimum stay of two nights. You can find the original Boujee Boutique warehouse here, and the new Boujee Boutique here.

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