Amazing KY Cabin with Tree House, Observation Tower and Koi Pond

In the near future, my husband and I want to move to a much smaller, but incredibly awesome house. We scoured the internet for unique house plans. Our favorites are container homes, cabins, and treehouses.

For now, until we can prepare our house for sale, we are dreaming a lot. I will often look for an Airbnb that looks like something we would like to live in and book a short stay. This gives us a small glimpse of the future.

I could be exactly what we are looking for in Stranton, Kentcuky. There are even handrails for when we are too old to climb too many stairs.

As soon as I can write some time so we can get away from it all, that’s where we’re going. It is located on beautiful land in the hills of eastern Kentucky. This Airbnb is truly unique and breathtaking.

Airbnb Secluded Cabin – Tower, Treehouse, Koi Pond – Stanton, Kentucky

Airbnb Superhost Derek describes the beautiful cabin and treehouse like this,

Isolation is a fully custom, handcrafted cabin with a tree house, koi pond, rocky landscape, observation tower and more in an unbeatable location. This cabin is located just a mile or two from the Slade, KY exit, atop a ridge in the Red River Gorge. Built by Paul Rhodes in his spare time, this passion project has lasted over six years and has a unique character unmatched by other accommodations.

He goes on to say,

Inspired by the rugged and adventurous environment of the Gorge, this treehouse hybrid maintains a holistic cabin feel while offering next-level modern amenities and stunningly creative design.

Take a look at the amazing Airbnb treehouse in Kentucky

Here are some awesome photos as well as real reviews that describe what it’s like to stay at this amazing Airbnb.

Everything was as peaceful and secluded as advertised… – Abby

Isolation now has a special place in our hearts! We went here on a mini getaway for our wedding anniversary and couldn’t be happier. It’s the perfect place to unwind, disconnect and relax with the one you love in the most serene setting. We loved the scenery surrounding the cabin. – Laced

I’ve been tempted to keep this place a secret so it doesn’t get solidly booked, but it’s so exceptionally beautiful that I can’t help but talk about it. The beautiful designer cabin and lovely cozy treehouse pay great homage to the overall beauty of nature that surrounds the space. Everything is magical, majestic and secluded… – Linda

This cabin is amazing and beautiful! The hot tub is fantastic and the setting is beautiful. -Cadi

It was such an amazing stay, even more beautiful and unique in person! -McKenna

Wonderful! The only word to describe this cabin. -Patricia

This place was absolutely beautiful. The pictures don’t do it justice. – Lynn

We fell in love with this cabin. The architecture is beautiful and fun. The amenities are really luxurious in the mountain and the surrounding nature is so peaceful. The koi pond and jacuzzi were a nice bonus, and the top floor bedroom is like a little cocoon with lovely views everywhere you look! -Audrey

A beautiful place. A perfect place to disconnect and enjoy. -Patrick

It really is an incredibly beautiful experience.
So much thought has gone into the design and the excellent construction craftsmanship.
A magical stay. -partick

The cleanest, most interesting and well-designed place I’ve ever been to. From the hot tub to the Koi pond, we just scratched our heads at the ingenuity and attention to detail.
I’m afraid I’ll never love another cabin so much. GREAT place! -Shawn

This cabin was lovely. The setting was so serene amongst the rocks. We appreciated every square inch of space! – Susan

The isolation is absolutely ridiculous and a must visit. The property should be very proud of the product of its efforts. The cabin and property are immaculate, and the interior details make it hard to walk away and venture into the beautiful Red River Gorge. Count yourself lucky if you can find a few days of availability, and if you do, grab them. You will thank yourself after your visit. – Daniel

We were overwhelmed by the beauty of your cabin. I’m an artist and was amazed that every angle and perspective was thought of. Well done. I didn’t want to leave. -Sarah

One of the coolest cabins I’ve stayed in, loved how the place was built around the landscape without moving the trees and rocks, they incorporated it into the landscape. Felt very private… – Robert

Wonderful location for a bit of solitude surrounded by a beautiful rocky outcrop. – Kristina

Wow! I kept repeating that word throughout our stay Derek and Sandy have an amazing cabin – it’s just magical! -Magic

The beauty and seclusion of this home is absolute serenity. Setting is what fairy tales are made of. The rock wall on the property with trails between, on top and around, huge trees growing on top of the rocks with their root systems weaving around the rocks! My favorite feature of the property was probably the land itself. Koi pond was my fiancé’s most relaxing and stress free spot in Seclusion. -Steve

This house is such an experience. The way it was basically built around the beautiful rocks is amazing. We enjoyed the exterior of the house as much as the interior. The hot tub and fire pit are in excellent locations. The koi fish were fun to visit. The interior is warm and inviting. – Sara Vard

I don’t just want to stay in this Airbnb, I want to buy it and live in it. This is the house of my dreams. Every square inch is like something out of my dreams. Everything from the natural light to the shower in the bathroom, I love it.

Kentucky is so beautiful. It’s heaven on earth. Whatever the season, the entire Red River Gorge region is spectacular.

here is where you can get more information about Seclusion Cabin and book your stay.

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