Anand Mahindra shares hilarious meme as social media brutality over UK PM race continues

Liz Truss memes are all over the internet and Anand Mahindra can’t stop tweeting about them! Amused by the political chaos in the UK, the chairman of the Mahindra Group continues to share great memes. After tweeting about which will last longer, Liz Truss or lettuce, Anand Mahindra shared another meme on Saturday at 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the British Prime Minister. The meme shared by Mahindra shows 10 Downing Street being rented out by Airbnb with the caption – ‘perfect for short stays’.

After that, Anand Mahindra shared another meme which features the dashboard view between Liz Truss and lettuce. No guesswork here, it’s Lettuce – 1 and Liz Truss – 0!

Another meme shared by Anand Mahindra is an advertisement inviting candidates for the post of British Prime Minister. The video states that “a high IQ is not a requirement” and gives a warning that “the successful candidate must lack integrity, moral strength and shame”.

The race for the next British Prime Minister begins

During this time, the British Prime Minister the race has started the three main candidates would be Rishi Sunak, Boris Johnson and Penny Mordaunt. To advance to the next stage, candidates must obtain at least 100 votes from Conservative Party MPs. Rishi Sunak has already crossed the 100 MP threshold as Johnson garnered the support of around 50 MPs and Penny Mordaunt garnered the support of 22 MPs.

Recently, Elon Musk also expressed his views on the political drama in the UK, praising Dmitry Medvedev’s humor as the former Russian president joked “Congrats Lettuce”. Musk then asked Medvedev, “By the way, how’s it going in Bakhmut?” to which the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation replied: “See you in Moscow on Victory Day!

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