Amazon offers $2 a month to see what ads you see

through: Nexstar Multimedia Cable,

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(NEXSTAR) — How much is your data worth? Soon, it could be bringing you $24 a year from Amazon.

As originally reported by Business Internthis is part of the invite only Amazon shopping panel program, which currently gives users $10 for 10 photos of purchase receipts from non-Amazon vendors per month. As part of its member “rewards,” members can earn $2 a month by turning on ad verification, which allows Amazon to see what ads are showing on their phones.

“Your participation will help brands offer better products and make Amazon ads more relevant,” Amazon says in its Shopper Panel FAQ.

Members can also choose to stop verifying ads later, Amazon says. Users who turn off ad verification for more than 48 cumulative hours that month will not be eligible for that month’s reward.

Amazon Shopper Panel is currently only available to users in the United States and United Kingdom.

Nexstar has contacted Amazon for comment on how users were/are selected for the Shopper Panel program, but has not yet received a response. The company declined BI’s request for comment on how users were selected for the program(s), but a spokesperson said users wishing to participate can join a waiting list for an invite. potential in the future.

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