Amsterdam legitimizes Airbnb with new short-term rental rules – Skift

Amsterdam‘s city council on Thursday created a new category of accommodation that allows city residents to occasionally rent their homes to tourists.

The new “private rental” category gives residents the opportunity to list their accommodation for sale on sites like Airbnb without fear of penalty. But certain rules apply.

According to the city’s website, residents can only rent the house they live in and they must own the space or have their owner’s permission to rent it. Residents must pay a tax on income from short-term rentals as well as a tourist tax.


No more than four people are allowed to rent a house at a time and residents cannot rent their house for more than four consecutive nights.

In addition, the monthly rent for residents must be greater than $ 958 per month to be eligible for this type of rental. This may be because residents who pay less than that are renting from a company that does not allow short term rentals.

The new rules pave the way for other cities to consider a new type of accommodation category that accommodates the rise in short-term rentals.

A statement from Airbnb announces the new legislation:

“We are honored that the leaders of Amsterdam have taken the time to learn about our community and the sharing economy. They saw how this activity helps local residents afford to stay in their homes and allows visitors to explore the city in a more sustainable way; and they’ve made rules that allow people to do just that. “

This may be the case in Amsterdam, but it is certainly not in New York where two-thirds of Airbnb hosts violate applicable city law.

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