Amsterdam Schiphol Airport will further limit passenger numbers due to an insufficient number of security guards

Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, which is one of the busiest airports in Europe, has announced that the maximum number of local departing travelers per day will decrease by an average of 18%, or 9,250 fewer passengers per day over the next few weeks.

Announcing the decision, airport authorities said they were forced to take the action after security companies working at the airport failed to provide the required number of security guards.

The measure will remain in effect at least until the end of October, and it will become mainly visible this week, and the next, reports.

Commenting on the decision, Royal Schiphol Group Chief Operating Officer Hanne Buis said the decision was primarily bad for passengers and airlines, while stressing that it also had to be taken in order to ensure safety. of the two passengers. and airport employees.

Everyone who works at Schiphol does their best to make every passenger journey as pleasant as possible. I appreciate that. I’m incredibly proud of that.” COO Buis said.

She also urged security companies to stick to their end of the deal and offer full schedules for security guards.

It is clear that structural improvements are needed in accordance with the social agreement. This issue needs to be addressed urgently,” she said.

According to data revealed by the airport, so far a maximum of 67,500 local departing travelers per day have applied for September and another 69,500 for October. However, with the reduction in departures, the new daily maximum will be 54,500 and 57,000 in October.

Dutch airline KLM has already canceled more than 42 flights from Amsterdam‘s Schiphol Airport due to take off on September 19, citing “operational problems” and reporting staff shortages.

A week ago, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has canceled more than 80 flights Monday, September 12. Another 650 flights were also delayed, leaving passengers queuing for hours.

Cancellations and delays had also occurred due to the insufficient number of security personnel at the airport.

I’m still trying to get home after standing in line for four hours at the airport with no help from ground staff. I now travel via Eurostar which added huge expense to my trip. It was a very frustrating and tiring day. I sincerely hope you can offer me some compensation!” a Twitter user later wrote under Schipol’s announcement, revealing the obstacles created by their flight cancellation.

Airport authorities had advised travelers who missed their flights due to long queues at security to apply to Schiphol for compensation.

Previously in early June, Schiphol Airport has announced its decision to limit the number of passengers who can depart from the airport each day to solve the problem of long queues formed at airports.

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