Ana Walshe’s last haunting text to her mother begged ‘Come tomorrow please’ before she disappeared | United States | News

A missing woman sends one last haunting text to her mother before vanishing, pleading, “Please, Mom.” Come tomorrow.”

Ana Walshe, 39, pleaded on Christmas Day with her mother Milanka Ljubicic to visit her – then disappeared six days later under mysterious circumstances.

It led Ms Ljubicic, who lives in Belgrade, Serbia, to believe her daughter was having ‘problems’ at home.

Ms Walshe was reported missing on January 4 after she failed to show up for work at a property development company in Washington DC.

“She just said, ‘Please, mom. Come tomorrow,’ the 69-year-old told Fox Digital, adding that it “means clearly there must have been some trouble.”

Ms Ljubicic said that after being asked to fly to Washington DC, she suggested coming the next day to allow time for preparation.

She added, “And now I can’t forgive myself for not just letting things fall where they can, and just going, and whatever happens to me, happens.”

Ms Walshe, also from Serbia, tried to call again on December 31 and at 1 a.m. on New Year’s Day, her mother said.

It was three hours before her husband Brian Walshe, 47, said he last saw her leaving their home in Cohasset, Massachusetts, according to investigators.

Mr Walshe, a convicted art fraudster, is in police custody and pleaded not guilty on Monday to misleading investigators during a court hearing.

Prosecutors said blood and a bloody knife were found in the basement of the family home they share with their three sons – who are now in state custody.

Assistant District Attorney Lynn Beland told the District Court Judge in Quincy, Mass., “Criminal Services recovered and found blood in the basement…There was also a knife that was found . On the knife there was blood.

Police spent hours searching a waste collection site 80km north of Cohasset on Tuesday – and sources told WBZ-TV that a hatchet, bloody trash bags, a rug, cleaning supplies and a hacksaw had been found.

In a statement provided to on Tuesday, the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office confirmed that a ‘number of items’ had been recovered from the Peabody waste transfer site 15 miles to the northeast from Boston.

“The search activity conducted in North Boston yesterday resulted in the collection of a number of items, which will now be processed and tested to determine if they have evidentiary value for this investigation,” the report says. communicated.

Investigators in protective suits accompanied by specially trained sniffer dogs were spotted at the site.

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Massachusetts State Police and local police arrested Mr Walshe after concluding they had ‘probable cause’ to believe he misled investigators during the search.

CNN reported, citing law enforcement sources, that Mr. Walshe searched the internet for “how to get rid of a 115-pound woman’s body.” His wife is described as 5’2″ and 115 pounds in a call to find her. She speaks with an Eastern European accent.

Mr Walshe told investigators he visited his mother’s house in Swampscott on January 1 but got lost so it took him 20-30 minutes longer than usual.

According to prosecutors, Mr Walshe then described visiting a supermarket, but no surveillance video shows he was there.

But prosecutors say on Jan. 2, surveillance cameras at Home Depot captured him shopping for about $450 worth of supplies.

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Court documents allege that at Home Depot, Mr Walshe wore a black surgical mask, blue surgical gloves and paid cash.

Investigators say Mr Walshe told police he only left the house to buy his sons ice cream on January 2.

On Monday, Assistant District Attorney Lynn Beland said Mr. Walshe went to the Home Depot store to buy a tarp, mops, duct tape, a bucket and other cleaning supplies.

Ms Walshe’s mobile phone rang in the vicinity of the couple’s home on January 1 and 2, prosecutor Beland said.

On Sunday, specialized police with K-9 units searched the wooded area near the Walshes’ home.

Mr. Walshe is being held on $500,000 bond.

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