Andrea Langhorst overdosed her 2 toddlers, then herself

A Florida mother and her two children whose decomposing bodies were found in a parked car earlier this year have died in a double murder-suicide, authorities now believe.

According to a report from the Brevard County Medical Examiner’s Office, Andrea Langhorst35, killed her 3-year-old twins, Olivia Dryer and Adam Dryerbefore committing suicide in early March.

This medical examiner’s report, obtained by West Palm Beach, Florida. NBC WPTV Affiliate, attributed each of the deaths to the drug. The twins were killed by methamphetamine overdoses. Langhorst herself died of a methamphetamine and cocaine overdose.

The medical examiner also noted that none of the children showed signs of external trauma or physical abuse.

“I don’t know what to think about it”, the twins’ grandfather, Randy Langhorstsay it daily beast. “It doesn’t seem right to me. I don’t even have anything to say because it doesn’t make any sense.

The Melbourne Police Department discovered the deceased family on March 20, 2022. Authorities say they had not been seen alive for 11 days before their bodies were gruesomely discovered on a Sunday evening. Officers responded to the scene after receiving a report of a suspicious vehicle in the apartment complex where the car was parked.

“We have no information on how long they were there,” said MPD spokesman Lt. Shaun Hill said at the time the bodies were identified. “But she lived off her car.”

Andrea Langhorst had no permanent address when she and her children died. The father of the twins is currently being held in Brevard County Jail awaiting trial in an unrelated case, according to Florida today.

“I just know they were in the car in the Florida heat for a few days,” the elder Langhorst previously said. People magazine. “We didn’t have to identify the bodies, the police were able to do that with the photographs we gave them. I can’t imagine myself or my ex-wife having to do that.

Randy Langhorst previously told the newspaper he hadn’t spoken to his daughter since March 11, 2022.

“We were looking for her and had no news of her,” he said. “It was unusual for her. We wouldn’t have daily contact with her, but it had been a long time. She was a free spirit, smart as a whip, beautiful, but lived her life to the beat of her own drummer. is just a tragedy.

“The twins were his pride and joy,” Randy Langhorst continued. “All I can think is maybe…maybe the car was driving and fell asleep, maybe the fumes overwhelmed them. I do not know.”

The grieving father said his daughter occasionally stays in Airbnb rentals and he tried to convince her to bring the twins to his home. But, he says, she adamantly resisted the idea.

“It was final,” he said Florida today. “It was his decision. We didn’t exactly approve of his lifestyle. It’s all in retrospect, but I’m going to kick my ass for the rest of my life. All I can think about is these babies.

A GoFundMe started for the family members of the deceased.

The description reads as follows:

This page is in honor of my daughter and grandchildren, Andrea Langhorst and her beloved twins, Adam and Olivia Dryer. For those inquiring about donations or a way to help in some way, all donations will be used to help family members in need of bereavement support services. This unexpected loss was a shocking tragedy and the family is broken, all suffering from trauma and still waiting for answers. On behalf of the families of Randy Langhorst, Sue Ryen and Bobby & Mary Lou Dryer, we thank you for your support.

[image via Melbourne Police Department handout]

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