Angelyne star Emmy Rossum canceled meeting with NBC at the last minute – then showed up in full character

Emmy Rossum takes his job very seriously.

The star of Peacockthe next drama series angelynebased on the life and times of the faded blonde Los Angeles icon of the same name, showed up at a business meeting with NBC executives in full personality.

As she explained in a new interview with The Hollywood ReporterRossum had told her staff at the last minute that she couldn’t attend the big meeting—one of the last hurdles before the crew could begin filming.

Emmy Rossum in “Angelyn”

Isabella Vosmikova/Peacock Emmy Rossum in “Angelyn”

the Shameless alum then made her way to the conference room in the pink lamé mini dress from the billboard, stiletto heels, a platinum blonde wig and leopard print arm warmers, where she began to squirt rose quartz crystals, “tickle faces and necks” with a peacock feather (in a nod to the streaming platform), and bless the miniseries with “bon juju”.

“She was completely transformed,” said Alex Sepiol, head of theater at NBCUniversal. THR. “To give that kind of performance in a business meeting, nobody does. But that’s Emmy – she’s fearless and daring and just a trouper.”

Rossum explained: “As my interim coach likes to tell me, intensity is not something I struggle with. I wanted to give them the experience.”

Released on May 19, the miniseries will chronicle the rise of the pop culture phenomenon in Hollywood in the 1980s. A story of fame, identity and survival, angelyne is based on the 2017 Hollywood journalist feature by Gary Baum who peeled back the layers of the elusive figure – believed to be the original influencer. It also stars Molly Ephraim, Jefferson Hall, Lukas Gage and Martin Freeman.



Isabella Vosmikova/Peacock Charlie Rowe, Emmy Rossum, Maurice Freeman and Tonatiuh in “Angelyne”

Rossum said he met the real Angelyne two years after the show was announced. “I arrived an hour early, over-prepared as usual,” Rossum said. THR, describing his date with her in a private room at the Hollywood Roosevelt. “I could see out the window that her car pulled up on time, but she ended up almost an hour late because she was selling goods in the trunk.”

When she arrived, Rossum said, Angelyne introduced herself as a question, “So why are you having such a hard time playing with me?”

Rossum then gave Angelyne a box of pink macaroons and received a pink crystal in return.

Although it looked like the icon would participate in some capacity, she pulled out just as production resumed after pandemic delays. Still, Angelyne was paid a “beautiful sum” for the production to secure the rights to her life and work.

“She had to decide how she wanted to be a part of it,” Rossum said, “and I respect that.”

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