Survey: Crete is the most affordable romantic getaway for 2023

The island of Crete tops the list of The cheapest romantic destinations in the world in 2023According to a survey recently published by

The experts of the German site, inspired by the next Valentine’s day and taking into account the cost of living crisissought to find the cheapest and most romantic vacation destinations for 2023.

Their research included studying a comprehensive list of the most romantic destinations from reputable articles, and creating an index taking into consideration three factors: the average Airbnb Pricing per night, the price of one Meal starter-main course-dessert for two people and the number of attractions by destination.

Chania, Crete.

Using all of these factors, has created an index out of 100.

Crete tops the list of cheapest romantic destinations in the world in 2023 with an index of 90.1.

According to the survey, the average Airbnb price per night for two people in Crete is only 94 euros while a three-course meal for two people in a mid-range restaurant costs around 35.37 euros.

Crete also has an impressive 2,667 attractions that a couple can visit during their stay, such as the old Venetian port on Chaniathe medieval setting of the city of Rethymnoor the mountain village of Zaros near Heraklion.

Knossos, Crete.

After Crete in the list is BudapestHungary with a score of 82.9, while pragueCzech Republic (80.2), PortPortugal (78.4) and CappadociaTurkey (76.6) completes the top 5.

Globally, Plovdiv in Bulgaria had the lowest average Airbnb price per night for two people, Cappadocia, Turkey had the cheapest three-course meal for two people, and London, UK had the most attractions by destination.

Popular Greek destinations Mykonos and Santorini was also mentioned on the list with an index of 9.9 and 40.5 respectively.

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