Angry neighbors battle noisy Leeds Airbnb that keeps them awake all night

People in Leeds complain about a local Airbnb which they say is noisy and often welcomes ‘drunk and messy’ visitors.

A proposal to turn a residential property in Beeston into a vacation rental received numerous objections from neighbors and a local advisor.

The town-planning application asks for permission to turn a property on Mafeking Grove into a two-bed vacation rental – which it has already been operating since April of this year.

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More than 30 residents, many of whom live on the same road, submitted letters of objection complaining that Airbnb is a nuisance due to noise and “antisocial behavior” from visitors.

A resident of a neighboring property wrote: “This property and another similar property have caused a lot of nuisance to local residents. Police and noise nuisance have been called several times because of this.

“The owners also do not meet the maximum number of permitted residents at a time. There have been occasions where it has been up to 14 at a time!

They added, “I don’t feel safe leaving my kids on the streets most of the time because of these properties.”

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Other letters of objection accused Airbnb visitors of playing loud music and regularly hosting parties with many attendants.

Another neighbor wrote: “This case is also [sic] us mentally and physically the noise keeps me, my partner and my son from sleeping most of the night and I have to get up to work at 5.30am and end up sleeping 1-2 hours when the property is booked.

“My son ends up being extremely tired during the day and this also affects his time in nursery.”

A third neighbor wrote: “If the planning permission is passed it will continue to cause problems on our small residential street and indeed [sic] our physical and mental well-being. “

The urban planning request specifies that the change of use from a home to a seasonal rental has already been in place since April 15.

One comment, listed from Cllr Angela Gabriel, Councilor for Beeston and Holbeck, reads: “I would like to oppose this change in use. [sic] Cul-de-sac of back-to-back houses on a residential street just off Dewsbury Road.

“This accommodation is already operational and of course only [sic] antisocial behavior on the part of people staying there. Loud music all night long until the early hours of the morning, cars coming and going at all hours of the night.

“Police and anti-social team involved. This is not a suitable place for a hotel / vacation home.”

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