Auburn’s new football QB gets his mother’s trust

AUBURN – TJ Finley wore her mother’s homemade homecoming pants. His relatives wore his No. 1 on the back of Auburn football shirts that would have been sacrilegious a year ago.

In a gravel RV parking lot in the shade of LSU’s Tiger Stadium, a dozen of these Finleys struggled to cram into a single camera frame. They eventually ditched the selfie and went for a video. That way, they could dance, flex and show Auburn loot in a pre-game text to Finley, who was preparing to take on his old team.

An aunt received a text from a family friend: “I hope TJ is playing well. It’s just not a victory.

“We’ve been getting these texts all day,” said Shannon Finley, her mother. “They don’t want my baby to win.”

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