Australian designers receive Airbnb OMG! funds

Four Australian designs were selected through an international design competition organized by Airbnb, turning 100 of the wildest design concepts into reality. Under his $10 million OMG! funds, each successful applicant will receive up to US$100,000 (approximately AUD144,000) to complete their design.

Among the successful Australian designs, one submission was created by a brother-and-sister design team, including the founder of a small house supplier and an architecture and design student from the University of Melbourne.

Matt Decarne created Elsewhere Pods as a luxury ecotourism accommodation provider using stylish, customizable pods. The design, led by architecture student Natalie Decarne, takes the modern, minimalist aesthetic and modular structure of the Elsewhere Pods, and “supercharges” it into a cantilevered glass structure designed for Daylesford in Victoria.

“Kangaroom”, as it was titled, connects occupants seamlessly to the outside environment, employing the concept of an “inverted zoo”, allowing visitors to observe local kangaroos in their natural habitat.

“Kangaroom” floating pod designed by brother and sister duo Matt and Natalie Decarne.

Other winning concepts from Australian entrants included a luxury mountaintop bubble, an eco-igloo dome set in a rainforest and a salvaged Boeing 737 reimagined as accommodation.

Airbnb launched the competition in June, calling on the imaginations of architects, designers and DIY enthusiasts to conjure up visions for the next homes in its OH MY GOD! Category unusual and wonderful stays.

The competition received tens of thousands of entries from all over the world, from which 100 designs were selected from 23 countries. The competition lasted a month and entries were reviewed by a jury including Australian architect Koichi Takada.

The winning ideas stood out for their “unique and inspiring design, enduring consideration, and new ways to deliver an immersive guest experience,” an Airbnb spokesperson said.

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