with cheap funding as a Cardano liquidity gateway, a pioneer in decentralized lending, has introduced affordable, low-cost funding for people who need liquid loans as a gateway to liquidity on Cardano, Coin Journal has learned from A press release.

Bonds allow lenders to earn interest and borrowers to take out loans without having to liquidate their crypto-assets.

The lending and borrowing process has been streamlined to be as efficient as possible. Users do not need to share personal data or relinquish control of their assets.

Filling a demand gap

Bonds have filled the void in the ecosystem for the demand for high liquidity loans based on best practices and also thanks to years of experience in the industry.

The platform’s founding team has delivered a series of impressive projects from the ground up, such as launching a venture capital-free DEX. They have an incredible track record in the Cardano ecosystem.

The embodiment of innovation

Bonds use the bear market to bring a truly innovative product to the ecosystem. The platform is set to become the go-to destination for instant borrowing and lending opportunities once the industry regains momentum.

A non-custodial liquidity gateway

Bonds has entered into lucrative partnerships with major stablecoin issuers and ecosystem launchpads in its quest to establish itself as a non-custodial gateway to Cardano liquidity.

Bonds intends to enhance the earning potential of all participants in the Cardano ecosystem through its knowledge of industry best practices, know-how and wealth of experience.

Bonds entered into Private Sale

The platform has just entered the private sale phase, which welcomes early adopters. All fans of the Cardano protocol can now avail uncensored borrowing and lending after the Vasil hard fork.

Driving change

Any innovation in DeFi starts with instant and unhindered access to capital. The crypto ecosystem is built on the dreams of visionaries fueled by liquid cash lending. These visionaries, many of them at Bonds, have made it their mission to drive change and technological progress.

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