Barbarian cast and character guide

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Barbarian.Barbaric cast and character guide. Written and directed by Zach Cregger, Barbaric is a horror film full of unexpected twists. The film had its premiere at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 and was originally scheduled to hit theaters on August 31 before being delayed to September 9.

The film follows Tess, a woman who arrives in the pouring rain at her booked Airbnb, only to find that another guest is also staying in the rental for a few days. Double-booked and with nowhere to go due to a medical convention in town rebooking hotels, Tess soon learns that there’s something sinister lurking under the house and her unexpected Airbnb guest is the least. of his problems.


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Barbaric has a small but talented cast. Directed by Georgina Campbell, here’s the complete horror movie casting guide, including who the actors play and what other projects they’ve been in.

Georgina Campbell as Tess Marshall

Tess Marshall is a researcher who comes to Detroit for a job interview as a research assistant for a documentary filmmaker. She’s rightly suspicious of the Airbnb tenant she’s staying with before things go sour. Tess is portrayed by Georgina Campbell, who is best known for playing Lyta Zod in the DC Comics series Krypton. She has also acted in films and television series such as All my friends hate me, Suspicionthe british drama Broadchurch featuring Doctor Who actor David Tennant and black mirror.

Bill Skarsgard as Keith Toshko

Keith Toshko is the other tenant who arrives before Tess and happens to be staying at the same Airbnb. Keith is portrayed by Bill Skarsgård, who is best known for portraying Pennywise in the horror film THIS, the 2017 film directed by Andy Muschietti. Skarsgård reprized the role of the creepy clown in the sequel IT Chapter 2. The actor is also known for his roles in Deadpool 2, Eternals, nine daysthe Hulu series stone castle, Anna Karenina, alleviatingand the TV series hemlock grove.

Justin Long as AJ Gilbride

AJ Gilbride is an actor visiting his home in Detroit after accusations of sexual misconduct emerged following the filming of his pilot TV show. AJ tries to liquidate his assets, but soon discovers that there is something quite sinister about the Airbnb house. AJ is portrayed by Justin Long, who is best known for his roles in Live free or die hardthe horror movie Jeepers Creepers, Galactic Quest, He’s just not very interestedthe animated series F is for familyand for his appearances on the hit sitcom new girl.

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Barbaric Cast and Secondary Characters

Matthew Patrick Davis as the mother – The Mother is a mysterious figure who lives in the underground part of the house. She is the biggest threat in the film, after the residents of the house, although she ultimately only wants one thing. The mother is portrayed by Matthew Patrick Davis, who is best known for the television series Dwight in shining armor and the animated show American dad!

Richard Brake as Frank – Frank is a man who chased women in the past and whose house AJ ended up buying. Richard Brake is known for his roles in Hannibal rising, Kingsman: The Secret Serviceand a guest role in The Mandalorian.

Kate Nichols as Catherine – Catherine is a documentary filmmaker who interviews Tess. Kate Nichols appeared in The operatorthe TV series pandoraand Dany. Legend. God.

Jaymes Butler as Andre – Andre is someone who has lived in the strange neighborhood of Detroit for a long time. Jaymes Butler has been in resident Evil, Big gameand Snowden.

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Derek Morse as a policeman – Derek Morse plays a cop who isn’t quick to believe Tess. Morse has been in the outpost.

Trevor Van Uden as a policeman – Trevor Van Uden plays an officer and Morse’s partner. Van Uden has been in Memorywhich starred Liam Neeson and the hit horror series Bad.

Kate Bosworth as Melisa – Melisa is the woman Frank follows home from the store in Barbaric. Kate Bosworth is best known for her roles in The Return of Supermanin which she played Lois Lane, blue crushand 21.

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