Barbarian star and director react to fan theories about new horror movie

Barbaric Star Georgina Campbell and writer/director Zach Cregger are reacting to some very elaborate fan theories regarding their new horror flick. Cregger first rose to prominence as a founding member of the comedy troupe called The Whitest Kids You Knewand later starred in sitcoms Friends with benefits, guys with kidsand Destroy. He made his directorial debut alongside Trevor Moore in 2009 with the comedy Miss Mars. Now, after spending a lot of time in the comedy world, Cregger has made the transition to horror with Barbaric.


With black mirrorof Georgina Campbell at the head of the Barbaric cast, the horror film also stars Thisthis is Bill Skarsgard, Jeepers Creepers‘ Justin Long, Matthew Patrick Davis, Richard Brake, Kurt Braunohler and Jaymes Butler. Billed as an original horror film by the producers of This, the ringand The Grudge, Barbaric follows Campbell as a young woman named Tess, whose Airbnb gets a double booking with a stranger named Keith (played by Skarsgård). Against her better judgment, she decides to spend the night with him, but soon discovers greater horrors lurking beneath the house.

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Screen Rant recently had the chance to speak to Cregger and Campbell during the Barbaric first. The two reacted to some of the more elaborate theories fans have concocted about the movie with what little information they’ve been given.. Read what the two said below:

Cregger: It was funny, because in the comments of the trailer, some people said things that blew my mind. One person was like, “476 Barbary. That’s very smart. That’s very smart. 476 is the year Rome fell to the Barbarians.” And I thought, “Is that true?” I googled it, and it’s fucking true. I did not know! That’s crazy. And then another comment I saw was like “Barbarian is very clever. Very clever title. Barbarian is Airbnb as an anagram.” I didn’t know that either. I did not think about it. It’s awesome; I love it.

Campbell: Mostly what I saw was a lot of people thinking, “Come on, that girl wouldn’t do that. Why didn’t she call the police?” A lot of people think, “Why would anyone do that?” But I think there are reasons.

Cregger: There are! I know, it hurts me. It hurts me not to be able to get into the computer and explain why.

The first theory that Cregger refers to concerns an early moment in the Barbaric trailer when Tess first arrives at the rental house and mentions that her address is “476 Barbary. The fact that fans can come up with a relevant explanation for this shows just how deep into their theory the public can go. Cregger wasn’t even aware of the apparent clues he was putting in Barbaric, indicating that many of these theories likely have nothing to do with what actually happens in the film. However, as little has been revealed so far, anything can happen.

Released earlier this summer, the Barbaric The trailer revealed the film’s basic premise, but was careful not to spoil any important plot developments, as many trailers often do these days. In a time when fan theory is mostly online, it wasn’t long before some elaborate theories involving Roman history and anagrams started popping up in the comments. Cregger and Campbell applaud creativity, but perhaps theorists shouldn’t get too excited about their ideas. After gaining some buzz due to its intriguing trailer and a screening at San Diego Comic-Con, Barbaric could become one of the hottest horror films of this spooky season. Only then will it become clear which theories were on the right track and which were too crazy for words.

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