BEHEMOTH’s NERGAL planned to film in war-torn Ukraine for intense live event

Last week was an extreme party for the Men of Gdansk. Of course we are talking about the metal masters of Freak. The Polish titans have released their stunning sixteenth album, Opvs Contra Natvramon September 16, triggering dark honors with a streaming event, Opvs Contra Cvltvramshot on the roof of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, the Polish capital.

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Freak brain Nergal Told rock sound that he had been thinking for a long time about doing something big around the release of Opvs Contra Natvram.

“I’ve been talking about it for months and months, [throwing around] different ideas” Nergal said. “We even had the idea of ​​going to play somewhere in Kyiv, Ukraine. Yes, we were establishing contact with some productions there. We thought, not only can we just make an artistic statement , but we can also make a very important political statement.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, now in its tenth month, has prompted support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people of the heavy metal community. Many high-profile acts, including Judas Priest and Iron Maiden– have been forced to postpone concerts following the biggest military operation in the region since World War II.

You can watch the 20-minute performance from Freak at the Palace of Culture and Science below.

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Nergal went on to say, “I use my platforms. I use the stage and in interviews [I take the opportunity] to mention things that I consider very relevant and fair. So we thought, ‘Maybe we should go to Kyiv and do it on top of a building’. Maybe if there’s a bombing, we should go underground, like U2 does’-bono and Edge, they happened in a subway, underground. And we were bouncing all those ideas. But finally we’re done [deciding to do it in Warsaw because it made more sense] logistically, economically… even if it was still expensive.

“I really hope people pay attention and click on it and people appreciate all the effort we’ve put in and invested. And, of course, it’s free; we’re just giving you something extra around the disc, just to build hype around the record and also hype for upcoming European and South American tours.”

You can look Nergalthe full interview with rock sound under.

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