Belgium now accepts rapid antigen tests for travel

Travelers with a recent rapid antigen test can now travel to Belgium without being subject to additional rules such as self-isolation requirements since the latter’s authorities now accept this type of test as valid proof of travel. ‘Entrance.

“The test during a trip can be a PCR test or a RAT (Rapid Antigen Test). A PCR test is valid for 72 hours. A RAT test is valid on the day of the test and the day after the test. we read in the declaration of the Belgian authorities.

Belgian authorities’ decision to recognize rapid antigen testing has been welcomed by the International Air Transport Association, which said passengers will now be able to make more economical trips while respecting COVID-19 safety regulations.

“Excellent news, Belgium now accepts rapid antigen tests for travel! This means cheaper and easier passenger travel while preserving the risk of COVID-19. It will be a great support for international travel to and from Belgium and will boost the economic recovery after the pandemic ”, IATA wrote on its official Twitter account.

Following the new changes, unvaccinated and unhealed travelers who plan to travel to Belgium will be allowed entry as long as they present a rapid antigen test which was carried out recently, reports

However, since Belgium has its own color coding system, different rules apply depending on a person’s country of origin.

Travelers arriving in Belgium from an EU / Schengen area country that is currently on its green or orange list are not subject to any additional restrictions as long as they hold a negative test result.

On the other hand, travelers from a country on the red list and holding a rapid antigen test must be tested again on the seventh day after entering Belgium.

With the exception of those with a recent rapid antigen test result, Belgium is already allowing entry to all those who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as well as those who have recovered from the virus.

Vaccinated and recovered travelers do not need to follow any testing or self-isolation rules, regardless of the country they are traveling from.

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In addition, in addition to the aforementioned entry requirements, all people who plan to travel to Belgium should keep in mind that they must also complete a Passenger Tracking Form (PLF).

Regarding this form, the Belgian authorities previously imposed new requirements which entered into force on 11 October. In accordance with the new regulations, all vaccinated and recovered people must prove that they hold the correct PLF certificates upon their return to Belgium.

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