Vote for deferred Chula Vista short-term Airbnb rentals

A vote that was expected on short-term rentals in Chula Vista has been postponed. The proposed bylaw would set time limits for hosts to rent homes.

CHULA VISTA, CA – Airbnb host for 3 years, Guy East lives and rents his house in Chula Vista.

He set up a meeting with a dozen other Airbnb hosts to discuss what they like and dislike about the town of Chula Vista adopting a short term rental order, with permit fees and adding enforcement staff.

“I was completely shocked to learn that this was happening and was up for a vote on Tuesday. What has been proposed seems very rushed,” East said.

Airbnb host Aaron Davitian says not all proposals are bad for rentals, but he disputes a lot of them.

“Much of what’s in the ordinance is fine with us, no problem with fines for bad actors, and giving the police something to really do, but the de facto ban and not being able to using a home outside of yours are the things that really hurt us and put us out of work, ”said Davitian, a small business owner.

He says the city is trying to limit short-term rentals for a primary residence for three months, and there are noise complaints and a potential impact on housing.

“There are a few notorious houses in Chula Vista where the cops are called regularly, but we don’t want that. No one wants to have a rowdy house next door, but the reality is we don’t even want to. Airbnbs or not, ”East said.

East also said that in Chula Vista there are 253 short-term rental properties and 200 of them are single-family homes, which is very minimal, well under 1% to have an impact.

A spokesperson for the city of Chula Vista wrote: “We have no comment until after the public comments and city council deliberations at the city council meeting tonight.

There are 176 public comments on the agenda, the majority of those who say they are opposed to the measure of the city.

“My wife’s escape room business has been closed due to the pandemic. We were forced to close our doors, so that’s what kept us alive during that time, so it’s very important to our family and to our income, without a doubt, ”Davitian said.

With two city council members having to recuse themselves due to possession of rentals and one member absent, Chula Vista will discuss the issue of short-term rentals at a subsequent meeting scheduled for December.

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